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Increase frequency to customer returns to purchase products

Magento Reward Points Extension

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Some of the awesome features of Reward Points extension

Provide multiple different ways for customers to get points

Customers can earn points for orders and with some certain actions (e.g. reviews, like and share on facebook, sign up for newsletter, invite friend, friend purchase etc)

Increase the loyal customer rate

About 99% of customers return to purchase with discount by points

Attract new customers

Attract much more new customers and stimulate them to subscribe to your site by giving points

Give points for customers and encourage them to make purchases at the same time

Customers can use the points to buy and then they will be got points if purchasing successfully that order.

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  • Reward Customers for Registering on your website
  • Reward Customers for Signing up for your Newsletter
  • Reward Customers for Posting a new Product Review (Approved by Admin Required)
  • Reward Customers for Voting in a Poll
  • Reward for Customer Birthdays
  • Reward for Special Events (Support both referral link and RP coupon)
  • Reward for Facebook Like
  • Reward for Facebook Share
  • Redeem points with convenience slider in the shopping cart page
  • Allow to redeem points at the checkout page as well
  • Check reward points easily on many places (category/product page, registration page, signing up newsletter block...)
  • Review detail awarded points in shopping cart page, check total awarded points in mini cart/order reviews


  • Enable/Disable Rewards Points extension.
  • Create the diversity for catalog rules, shopping cart rules and spending rules. Rewarding points can be fixed or a percentage of product price.
  • Import reward points for each product manually via CSV
  • Set reward points for customer behavior (Registering, Signing Up for the Newsletter, Posting a Product Review, Voting in a Poll and Inviting and Sharing with Friends)
  • Disable in using the points.
  • Allow to use unlimited, fixed reward points or a percentage of money spent
  • Track the point by transaction history
  • Track and manage customer reward points directly on the customer account-editing page
  • Allow the adding or subtracting of points by admin to customers with a space for comments
  • Import customer reward points in bulk via CSV
  • Reward and redeem points when creating an order at the backend by admin

The Other Features

  • Work perfectly with popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, IE 7,8+ and Safari
  • Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use
  • Friendly and flexible configuration
  • HTML/CSS validation
  • Multiple stores and multiple languages supported
  • 100% open-source

Some instructions to use Reward Points extension

Every step below helps our product work properly on your site

Integrate template of Reward Points extension with your theme.
Before going to the configuration, You can please read the file Guide_Put_Code_Into_Template to integrate with your current theme.


Go to System >> Configurations >> Promotions >> Reward Points >> Configuration to configure the extension.

  • Enable the module by selecting "Yes" in the Enable Reward Points Pro field
  • In the Points/Currency Exchange Rate field, insert a value with the type of x/y to define the exchange rate.
  • In the Redeem points in increments of field, the default number is 1. You can insert any integer which will be used for spending points on cart.
  • In the Calculate Reward Points Earned field (Before Discount/ After Discount), allow rewarding points before or after the discount.
  • In the Calculate Reward Points Earned field (Before Tax, After Tax), allow rewarding points before or after the Tax.
  • In the Extend shopping cart page to display reward point block field, select “Yes” for the cart page to be extended. In case you have any other module working on the cart page, you can insert the code manually (Please see more details at Display Reward Points in Shopping cart page in the Theme integration section)

Download User Guide to view more details

Reward Points Questions?

Do you have any questions? We're got answers

How to install Reward Points extension?

You can do following the instruction at Install Module

How can I import Reward Points?

Go to Reward Points Pro-Customer Accounts and select 'Import Reward Points' in the top right corner. You may add a general comment in Configuration-General tab

Are points applied for products of original price or for products with discount prices as well?

Yes, they are applied for both original prices and discount prices.

I created an earning points rule and saved it, why isn’t it applied to the products?

Please, check and edit the rule again then click the button "Save and Apply". Otherwise, you can click the button "Apply Rules" in the list of Earning Rules page (Promotions > Reward Points > Earning Rules). Also, check the extension is enabled in the Configuration tab

Can I add more events for earning points?

The Reward Points extension as well as any other our products is 100% open source. It means that you can customize the extension and add more events for earning points.

How can I change the language of the extension?

You can translate the modules into other languages through one of the two following ways:
1, Use Inline translation tool by going to the backend: System > Configuration > Developer > Translate Inline.
2, Use CVS translation file: by default, the language of our extensions is English. If you want to translate it into other languages, please go to the folder \magento_root_app\locale\en_US\Magehit_Rewardpoints.csv and copy this CSV file to your current locale folder, and then translate the text string in the second row.

Does this extension work with other Magento themes & modules from other providers?

Normally, our extension can work well with modules of other providers. As you know, with software products, no one knows exactly there will be problems or not until we install both of the modules as well as let them work together. However, what we can assure you that our developers will fix all problems if they appear. And, even if it still can't meet your requirement, within 30 days from installing the extension you can request a refund.

Do I have full access to customize the Reward Points front-end templates?

Certainly, it is Yes. Everything from the .phtml files to the language files to the css files is available for customization.

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