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The awesome features of Free Gift extension for Magento website

Boost sales by up-sell banner

Free Gift extension supports displaying up-sell banners on your Magento website, which attract customers’ attention and motivate them buy your products to get free and nice gift(s).

Increase customer loyalty

Customer psychology is that they always love free gift. Therefore, with attractive promotions they can get when shopping in your store, they will absolutely come back to your store for future purchases

Make it limited

Store owners are able to set the number of free gifts when buying in store, which creates sense of urgency and encourages customers to purchase quickly

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  • Money back 30 days guarantee
For buyers
  • Once matching conditions to get free gift, customers can totally choose free gift they want
For sellers
Easy to set rules for customers to get free gift such as sharing purchase on social networks to get free gift, buying 3 get 1 free, spend over $500 get a free gift, etc.
  • Free Gift Value and Visualize Order Value are displayed in a line chart
  • Able to view statistics of total order value, total gift value, average gift value per customer, and average gift value per order on table
  • Automatically add free gift(s) to cart once customers meet rules
  • Able to set different rules for different stores
  • Able to apply specific rules for each customer group
  • Able to set the number of free gifts (e.g. only 50 free gifts for 50 first buyers)
  • Able to set active time for each rule
  • Able to set priority for rules
  • Able to set more than one conditions in a rule
  • Able to show up-sell message banner and visual promotion banner on the shopping cart (or the checkout page) to promote customers and encourage them to purchase more
  • Display free gift label and details on category and product page
  • Display free gift selection box on shopping cart
  • Show promotion message and banner on shopping cart
  • Integrate social sharing buttons on shopping cart
  • Automatically modify number of free gift if customers update number of main product in shopping cart
  • Allow customers to select free gift(s) from shopping cart when they meet the rule
  • AJAX add to cart supported and able to edit free gift's options

The Other Features

  • Work perfectly with popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, IE 7,8+ and Safari
  • Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use
  • Friendly and flexible configuration
  • HTML/CSS validation
  • Multiple stores and multiple languages supported
  • 100% open-source

Some instructions to use Free Gift extension

Every step below helps our product work properly on your site

Integrate template of Free Gift extension with your theme.
Before going to the configuration, You can please read the file Guide_Put_Code_Into_Template to integrate with your current theme.


Go to Promotions >> Free Gift >> Configuration to configure the extension.

  • In the Enable Free Gift field, select Yes to enable the module
  • In the Show Free Gift Promotion field, select option to show free gift
  • In the Show Free gift label field, optional to display free gift label
  • In the Free gift label field, Upload free gift label image
  • In the Show free gift on category field, optional to display free gift on category page
  • In the Show Promotion Banner field, set size banner of free gift
  • In the Facebook App Id field, fill Facebook application id
  • In the Sharing Block Title field, fill title for share block
  • In the Sharing Block Description field, fill description for share block

Download User Guide to view more details

Free Gift Questions?

Do you have any questions? We're got answers

How to install Free Gift extension?

You can do following the instruction at Install Module

I followed correctly steps to create a catalog rule but I can’t see free gift in the frontend. What should I do?

In this case you may have not clicked Save and apply button yet. You should come back to the catalog rule you created then click this button.

How to set a configurable product as free gift?

Free Gift extension allows you to select a free gift from configurable products with a shopping cart rule instead of a catalog rule. You can select the products at Gift Items tab.

Can I set multiple rules at the same time?

Of course! You can combine both catalog rules and shopping cart rules. Then set priority rule on the backend.

How can I run a promotion program like "If customers spend $500 for each order, they can get a free gift but for orders which are more than $500, customers will receive more valuable one"?

In this case, you need create 2 shopping cart rules together with using Priority and Stop Further Rules processing field. Please do as follows to make your program work:
+ Create a rule with the priority "1" for orders that are more than $500 then turn Stop Further Rules processing filed to Yes.
+ Create a rule with the priority "2" for orders that are $500

Can I set products which are NOT available to purchase on the site as free gifts?

This feature has not been supported yet. You just can select items in catalog search to be free gifts.

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