Magento 1&2 extension development services

Magento is growing and becoming the best platform of e-commerce. By virtue of flexibility in the management of stores, easy in online payments and secure, Magento is the best choice for a sale website.

Parallel to the professional Magento development, Magento custom services, we also develop and provide our customers quality Mageto 1 extensions / Magento 2 extensions to help their revenue grow or develop, custom extension requested by customers.

If you browse and play with our released extensions you'll see that we did a great deal of work developing e-commerce solutions, which can be sufficient. And we are constantly working on new software to satisfy our customers' requests.

Why choose our Magento 1&2 extension development services?

filter_1Extension developers with years of experience

Our Magento web developers are very well-versed with Magento's Zend PHP framework. Our team has been working with Magento since the early beta stages in which Varien (now Magento eCommerce) started developing the platform. We use agile methodologies to develop all our extensions and custom software bolt-on for Magento eCommerce. This ensures our extensions are future-proofed against changes and version upgrades. We have developed extensions for shipping and freight, accounting, ERP and advanced product data flows. We are able to work with any external system that has an API or web services connection.

filter_2Magento extension development techniques

Our methods and techniques have been developed over the last 4 years working with Magento eCommerce where we have honed our techniques and skills for developing powerful, integrated and feature rich eCommerce stores. All our Magento developers are senior web developers and each one has more than 5 years experience working in the eCommerce industry. We use agile methods and techniques to ensure our Magento extension development services are optimized for future enhancements.

filter_3Quality magento extension development services

Quality, security and robustness are all major factors which help our extensions achieve successfully for our clients. As developers of the Magento platform, we know the quality of Magento extensions can vary in quality and support. We aim to develop our extensions to a high level by using consistent code and standardization. This ensures all our produced extensions showcase a high quality standard and benefit for our customers in long term.