Why should we update to Magento

Magento has been released recently, which pay for expectations of many Magento users. For older versions, they are not supported patch by Magento while the latest release, Magento is a version will close a number of leaks of previous versions. Therefore, updating is very necessary to prevent your Magento website from being attacked.

This patch addresses the following issues:

  • The old tax calculation algorithm is restored for shipping charges and the patch to apply new calculation will be available on request
  • Session lifetime is set to 0
  • The monthly cron job which cleans up the table, contains IP addresses and passwords runs properly
  • All configurable product images are available
  • There will be no exception due to undefined add Crumbs method call
  • The error Notice: Undefined index: session_expire_timestamp is fixed when accessing the storefront
  • Values ​​for drop-down tag values ​​are saved correctly
  • The "Price as configured" for bundle products is shown correctly in the shopping cart
  • Auto-generated passwords are sent to new customers as expected
  • The method Mage_Api_Model_Server_Handler_Abstract::processingMethodResult() accepts array and scalar values
  • The default MySQL full-text works no longer returns all products.
  • Prevented a potential Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability by changing the form key when a customer signs out of the storefront
  • Prevented a potential Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability when adding a category
  • Catalog price rules return the correct price
  • Indexers now update all products instead of skipping the last updated product

As we mentioned above, Magento is added new security patches and fixes, therefore, I recommend you update to this new release. However, if you don’t have basic technical knowledge requirements, you should have someone who are skilled about this filed done for you because updating to Magento is quite complex, you may go wrong. In other case, if you do it by yourself, when deciding to post an update, you have to test environment before you configure the update on your Magento store.

Hope that you will get the best benefits and works effectively with Magento

Thanks for reading!