The power of Magento 2.2 for B2B companies

All capabilities that need for creating the best B2B commerce experience are supported by Magento 2.2.

Let’s see what they are!

  1. Custom catalogs and pricing

Specify custom catalogs and price lists for companies to make sure the only contract terms supported online.

  1. Quoting

Take responsibility for faster quotes requests and negotiate discount rates using Magento's streamlined online workflow.

  1. Manage company account

Sales support for companies with multiple buyers and different organizational structures. Self-service tools allow customers to track their orders, quotes, and credits. And support them the permission online instead of calling you.

  1. Order quickly

Support simple order form and requisition lists to purchase faster and easier.

  1. Strong merchandising

Help customers find new products quickly so make sales increase with merchandising and B2C search.

  1. Mobile-ready sites

Your sales team has the ability to take order and customers can make the purchase by many ways with responsive devices supported.

  1. Many payment methods supported

Allow customers to pay with flexible payment methods.

  1. Backend integration

With extensive APIs and off-the-shelf extensions, you can integrate with CRM, ERP and backend system simply.

  1. Detailed reporting

75 reports were performed to analyze customers, product data, and sales.

  1. Support B2B and B2C sites form the same platform

With these features, your B2B website can develop greatly.