The announcement of Magento Advanced Search Extension

If you run a large Magento store, you certainly know how difficult it is for your customers to find the item they want very quickly. To improve Magento search process and make sure your customers can easily find the product they are looking for, in August 2015 our Magento development company has proudly introduced a new Magento Advanced Search Extension to solve this problem.

Now, with the support of this extension, customers can find products faster, they only need to type the key word in the search box and get instant search results. As the result, it brings both customers and storeowners a lot of benefits like not only help customers saving search time but also support your store increasing volume sales.

Therefore, this extension is a good choice for your site when your customers will be happy with this advanced search solution. We are always together with you to support as well as answer your query. If you want to install Magento Advanced Search Extension, you can contact directly to us via or to find out more great extensions, please visit url: