Some ways to keep loyal customers in Magento Store

The market is place where the competition is serious among rivals to seize customers and increase customer’s awareness to their brand. How to stand firm in the face of difficulties is a common question, which causes managers headache problems. Especially, the online shopping is leading the important position in the trade. With the support of Magento community, online store easily overcomes barriers to keep the organization position and attract customers purchasing products.

In this post, we will mention some ways to retain loyal customers as well as some useful Magento extensions for your store

  1. The appealing page

As you know, the first impression is very important in any situation. The ecommerce market is the same that pages will create first impression between customers and your business.

The main purpose of ecommerce website is to deliver clear message of brand of attracting customers to your store. Therefore, you need to consider includes design, content, existing web pages, website loading speed, etc.

  1. Keep your content clear

To encourage customer to click the order button will need much time to make decision. Thus, keeping your website clear is a key factor in attracting new customers – and keeping existing ones. For your Magento store, try considering to create a blog to update and tell stories about your products regularly will be an effective way to close customers.

Let your customers know that your company evolves and has news to show each month; or even each week. Finally, it will attract inbound links to your website because the more interesting your website content has, the more likely people are to notice it and discuss about it

  1. Responsive design

With the help of development of technology, people can easily contact and update the information. In the online shopping store, they also adapt new trends to apply smart devices that are convenient and comfortable for customers to use.

  1. Simple shopping process

To your business, the simpler the shopping process has, the more high customers are. With the highlight products like One Step Checkout, Reward Points, Daily Deal, Call For Price, Store Credit, Social Login ... your customers will satisfy with the convenient shopping process.

In short, be creative in which ways to keep your loyal customers. Above suggestions are just limited to some companies, the matter depends on characteristics of your own business. No one understands your work as you do.

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