Remove Malware for your Magento store

Malware is always the frequent concern of all Magento store owners because the damage for both store owners and customers it causes is unimaginative. Besides the good security system, you should prepare for future situation. In this post, we will show you the way to remove malware in your Magento store and some solutions for protect your online shop.

  1. Daily backup

This solution helps protect your Magento store from malware risk. Before removing malware, whether you meet malware or not, you should set up a backup system so that it can do the backup daily for you. By this way, in any situations, you can get our old site back to work

  1. Scan server, hosting

This action helps detects malware. You need to install Linux Malware Detect to let it scan your Magento website entirely. After installing, you need to run command

maldet -a /your-magento-directory/

And don’t forget to turn on monitor your Magento direct to check every day to ensure your store faces to no risk

  1. Check third-party Magento extensions

You need to make sure that all third-party extensions you use have reliable resource and the provider of these extensions has big brand name because the Magento extensions can meet some security problem which can affect to your Magento website.

Let’s check your Magento online store and remove all of unknown extensions

  1. Change all password

The malware can attack you from key logger what will record your login detail via FTP/SSH… to upload malware to your site. Even you remove all of them, the malware can still have change to up load again and again. To make sure that your password is safe, change all of them immediately.

These 4 tips will help you remove problems and protect your sites from dangers.