Pepperjam and Magento Accelerate the Revenue and Improve ROI for Merchants

Pepperjam is a full service performance marketing company which provides brands and retailers with the resources and confidence needed to promote their brand and grow their business. With the experience in long period of time for supporting products and services and the leading affiliate network in the world, Pepperjam uses all performance channels to connect data and analytics then generate creative solutions.

Pepperjam announced relationship with Magento e-commerce recently. With this collaboration, merchants will be able to access to Pepperjam network and receive a robust interface which helps them consecutively activate and manage affiliate programs directly within their commerce platforms.

Pepperjam and Magento are able to fully integrate their e-commerce platform and affiliate programs for increased ROI of the world’s most popular brands.

Greg Shepard, chief strategy officer, Pepperjam said “As the affiliate channel continues to grow as a major source of online revenue, companies like Pepperjam and Magento need to work together to remove the bottlenecks that prevent retailers from doing what they want to do—sell great products. We are honored that Magento selected Pepperjam Network for this integration. Now, any merchant using Magento is just a few, simple clicks away from going live on the Pepperjam Network.”

This collaboration between 2 companies allows brands and retailers save and maximize valuable time and resources. Moreover, merchants will able to receive benefits as a fully automated system which helps save time and reduce the need for IT support.

With Magento merchants who are affiliate marketing programs at the first time will be provided full support and education around the intricacies of launching an affiliate program.

Mark Lenhard, senior vice president of strategy, Magento said “Magento’s collaboration with Pepperjam allows us to extend to our valuable network of merchants a fast, efficient solution for increasing ROI on their marketing campaigns. By automating many of the back-end processes that tie up time and resources, merchants now have access to a powerful solution for deploying targeted, more personalized campaigns that drive sales.”

Besides, Pepperjam wants to continue to increase their offering and anticipate additional growth across their business and the industry as a whole, as we achieve unparalleled results for their advertisers, publishers and agency partners.

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