Outstanding features and fixes in Magento 2.1.3

Magento 2.1.3 contains more than 90 bug fixes and enhancements which bring its users multiple advantages when using. We introduce you its enhancements and fixes in classifications.

The features and fixes in Magento 2.1.3 list:

Cart and checkout

  • Reloading a page during checkout without unintentionally changing shipping information
  • Custom address attributes are displayed in Checkout summary
  • Paginating Lengthy Order Status tables
  • Only displaying the product ass validation message after having successful added a product to cart
  • Adding more than one product to a shopping cart from a wishlist is prevented
  • Updating the number of items in the minicart correctly when running Magento in mixed HTTP/HTTPS mode
  • Only display minicart in one added websites
  • No longer overriding a cart rule with a coupon code into a cart rule without a coupon code when having multiple cart rules
  • No longer clear information from form fields when refreshing the browser page while on Review and Payments page of the checkout process
  • No longer allow customer adding a product variation to shopping cart if it is out of stock
  • Problem with Magento displaying an HTTP ERROR 500 has been corrected during checkout intermittently

Configurable products

Performance of configurable products is increased in several ways as below:

  • Users can disable the lowest price of a configurable product and its associated simple products
  • No longer have one simples product’s special price to another simple product of the same configurable product
  • Users are allowed editing a products attribute for multiple configurable products
  • No longer appear an error when adding a configurable product by SKU if an associated simple product is out of stock
  • Displaying correctly a product as out of stock if its child products are disabled
  • Changing a price to a custom option only affects this option


  • New Order Email templates are now available
  • Send Welcome Email From field now identifies the store that customer is associated with

General fixes

  • Admin users with restricted permissions can access as determined by those permissions
  • Duplicated PHP settings were removed from the sample web server configuration files
  • Admin PayPal configuration interface was improved
  • The State/ Province filed is displayed on Add New Address page
  • A JavaScript error no longer appears when Layout is set to empty if you create a new page with Add New Page feature
  • txt file can be changed from the Admin panel
  • Sample password was remove from Setup Wizard
  • Users allow sorting and filtering on the New Review page
  • Server-side Ajax error messages are now displayed
  • Magento users can create or edit the uniqueness of product attribute values
  • No longer display “as low as” label for a disabled price on the Category page
  • Custom themes now work as expected


  • Only show an exception when finding a product image file
  • Images which you edit in a WYSIWYG editor will be saved
  • Ability to preview uploaded images
  • Ability to set an image size for product watermarks
  • Support graphics scroll on mobile devices

Import/ export

  • Users can import multiple selections including special symbols or delimiters
  • Representation of date and time zones of item in a product catalog during import or export is corrected
  • Users are supported to import negative quantities
  • Custom options are imported correctly
  • Users can import images while setting document root to /pub
  • Category URL keys are removed from the url_rewrite
  • Users are supported to export a bundle product including a custom text area attribute


  • The performance of algorithm used to calculate batch sizes while indexing categories is improved
  • A full reindexing of all indexes on large profiles with more than 500,000 products completely filled

Installation, upgrade and deployment

  • The web installer is now can be used to set up Magento
  • Magento does not incorrectly display products as out of stock after updating installation
  • The use of table prefixing during installation is now supported
  • Upgrading Magento installation from CE 2.1.1 to EE 2.1.3 is very easy


  • With new added PHP interfaces, Magento users can change the status of a shipment and have ability to support returning multiple units of a configurable product, return the product to stock and change order status after a credit memo
  • Besides, Magento users can also set the customer group when creating through Admin interface and print invoices and credit memos through Order page

Payment methods

  • PayPal and Braintree implementations are improved, therefore, merchants have ability to do:
  • Use Braintree as a service to save customer PayPal account information in Braintree Vault
  • Configure dynamic descriptors (Company Name, Phone and URL) for Braintree.
  • Brain tree payment method now works with Vault table prefixing
  • There will be no error when using the Braintree Vault payment GET or API call
  • JBC and Diners Club credit cards can work with the Authorize.net payment method
  • Fixed issue with credit card capture information falling to remain associated with its first authorization
  • Users can place orders with Braintree when using an alternative merchant account ID
  • Error during checkout when applying a 100% discount coupon to a product and enable free shipping will not appear


  • Creating many product variants, loading many configurable products with multiple images, and resizing images on the frontend are improved

Tracking and shipping

  • Ups generates shipping rates for Puerto Rico postal codes


  • Only meta SKU is contained in list of Varnish X-header

Web APIs

  • Product’s media gallery can be updated from the REST API
  • The process of using the WebAPI interface is improved
  • Search queries can return detailed information about multiple objects; therefore, the description of these APIs can state the API to use to return detailed information about a single object.

Tier pricing

  • Tier price will not be reset during quote recalculation
  • Separator “,” will not be added to representations of quantities that exceed 1,000

Static file processing

  • A problem with _requirejs asset retrieval via static.phpin static content versioning is corrected
  • Enable by default versioning of static files like CSS, JS, font, and image files
  • The speed of static asset deployment is improved


  • Changing store view- or website- level attributes can be done within a scope by a restricted user
  • The scope can be called for any action running form Catalog page’s product table
  • No longer override the price on the website scope and one configurable products at store view level

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