New security updates for Magento Commerce and Open Source 1.x

After a long time, Magento recently released 2 updates with security enhancements for Magento 1.x. You can see the security enhancements of these 2 new updates at If you are running your Magento store on Magento 1.x platform, it’s time to updating your store as the security updates are really important for all online stores. However, there may be some unexpected problems when configuring the updates for your Magento store.

If you have your host provider help you with updating your store, it is easier than you do all things by yourself as your host provider will solve all appeared problems for you. Otherwise, you will have to make a full backup for your site, install the updates, check all sites, find the problems, and then solve them.

You can find the information about the security update for Magento Commerce 1.14.x here and the information for Magento Open Source 1.9.x.x here.

Hope you guys can successfully install the new update for your store to higher protect it from attacks.

Thanks for reading!