Magento Store Locator Extension: an easy way to find your store location

Due to the fact that your store system is located in many different locations, it is difficult for customers to find your store. Especially, customers always want to go to the store to see directly your product, but they do not know which store has the nearest location to them. Or, maybe, customers are looking for product A, but at this store, product A is out of stock, so you want to show customers to another address where it remains product.

How can you solve all problems above and help customer to find quickly your store? Don’t worry, Magento Store Locator Extension by MageHit is the best solution for your store which support customers easily find the nearest store to purchase your products. Moreover, this extension uses Google map to display store locations with exact address to make the shopping process as easy as it can be.

The distance between your store and customers will be eliminated. Your store will make customers satisfied and feel convenient. Therefore, with this extension, it is very simple for customers to find quickly and accurately your store location.

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