Magento has introduced a new security tool

Magento has introduced the latest security tool for its products. This new security tool is free service running on Magento 1 and Magento 2 for both community and Enterprise edition. With the release of this security tool, Magento expects all Magento store over the world can be protected as much as possible.

How does it work?

The security tool is available for all people who own Magento accounts such as sellers, partners, and developers. After login, you will see the Security Scan option under Magento tab and your task is setting this new tool for your Magento 2 store and your clients.

The benefits for Magento store owners:

This tool scans your Magento settings and provides you some following options:

  • Real-time diagnostic the security situation of all Magento settings and show the way to fix some errors.
  • More than 30 security tests for identifying potential vulnerabilities, such as patches, configuration issues, and failing to perform best practices in the security field.
  • Understand reports from the moment you activate the tool so you can look back on your story.
  • Results reports indicate which devices will be tested and which devices will not.
  • You can schedule online checks and run daily or weekly examples. You will see results immediately online, or you will receive them in your inbox.
  • The steps suggested for each security exam failed.

Magento will update this tool continuously to fit the latest security updating and development.