Magento DevBox - Setting up your Magento 2 development environment faster

With Magento DevBox Beta, developing on Magento 2 will become simpler as well as faster. Magento DevBox Beta helps you not only set up all the software you need to start developing easily but also accelerate issue diagnosis and resolution by serving as a common configuration for testing and reproducing bugs.

Magento is releasing DevBox as a beta; therefore you can immediately benefit from the streamlined setup experience it offers.

Configure Devbox Beta

Go to and click on the banner for the new Magento DevBox Beta configuration page.

Then you can easily choose the software version and components you want. Selecting a new project or importing an existing project is also acceptable.

Finally you can download code from the Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition repository.

Besides, you can add sample data or technology for caching, search and message queuing. When completing your choices, you will receive a ZIP file which contains a pre-configured environment and Magento 2 software to use on your computer. You just need to do along the available instructions to extract the files and get started.

Magento DevBox Beta will bring you multiple advantages, help increase your productivity effectively and makes your Magento development environment faster.