Magento acquires technology behind BlueFoot CMS and Page builders

Magento ecosystem has adopted and endorsed BlueFoot since its initial release at Imagine earlier in the year. After many exhaustive conversations with merchants as well as solution partners, BlueFoot is decided to be a core part of the Magento platform. CMS and page builder capabilities are the first priority of Magento ecosystem and merchants. In addition, Magento continue to investigate to innovative technologies which allow users to accelerate to delivery of roadmap.

The integration of BlueFoot into core of Magento makes a power motivation for Magento merchants to exert better control and creativity over the digital experiences they deliver to their customers. It provides a great set of tools to help merchants create and manage content and site layout of their Magento store, everything from product descriptions through to blogs. After integrating BlueFoot into Magento, Magento merchants will be supported many effective new capabilities for controlling the end-to-end experience of their site with:

  • Drag & Drop functionality

Drag & Drop functionality will make headers, images, products, maps, etc. added as content easier

  • Easy Product-Content integration

Merchandising will be facilitated thanks to the integration of simple drag and drop of products or groups of products into standard content elements, like blog posts or promotion pages

  • Simple third party content integration

Pages, categories and posts in Magento websites will be add more content easily thanks to integration of third parties like YouTube, Google Maps, Vimeo videos, etc.

  • Static Block integration

The design of category sites will be set as you like thanks to the seamless integration of static blocks into your content

BlueFoot has been chosen to be a part of Magento CMS vision and was created to give Magento merchants an easy-to-use and powerful tool to manage their content. Moreover, with Magento determination and commitment, merchants will be delivered the best benefit from this technology in e-commerce solutions.

More detail about this integration will be released in Q1 2017, so the current version of BlueFoot CMS is still available for all Magento 2.x EE versions.

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