Magento 2 Call For Price – a better understanding between customers and store owners

That MageHit has just released a new-born extension called Magento 2 Call For Price is a new milestone for the world of e-Commerce platform. With the major function which is calling for price (hiding price), it is expected that this extension will support store owners effectively and gain much of fame in the current market. So, what is the core reason for such a brightly promising future of Magento 2 Call For Price?

Call For Price is known to be the best tool to remove price of products in a flexible way. It should be noticed that instead of offering price of products will, MageHit replaces the “Call For Price” with “Add to Cart” button. With this way of hiding price, this extension plays an important role in boosting up the volume of sale effectively. However, the central focus of today’s post is not the higher rate of purchasing but the better connection between customers and store owners inside Magento 2 Call For Price.

The current contact between customers and store owners is an important part in business because only when store owners understand their buyers, they will know how to change to be suitable with their customers’ requirement. Understanding the importance of contacting with customers, MageHit offered the AJAX form inside Magento 2 Call For Price to bring customers and store owners closer to each other. With the AJAX form, whenever customers wants, they can fill in this form with their their requirements and contact details. Then these comments will be sent for store owners. It can be seen that Magento 2 Call For Price Extension will help the owners know what customers need and how to make customers satisfied with their online system.

It can be seen that Call For Price for Magento 2 is a wise extension which helps to effectively build up the deep understanding between customers and store owners. With such outstanding features, it is easy to understand why people seem to highly appreciate Call for Price like this. Without this extension, it is obvious that your system can still develop as usual; however, to develop more prosperously and defeat your competitors, it is an indispensable element. There is no reason to refuse this new MageHit’s extension; therefore, we highly recommend you to come to Magento 2 Extensions Store to install this extension as soon as possible: