Magento is coming?

The latest Magento Community Edition 1.9.3 appears some problems recently but they have been all recognized. There are several issues influencing on functionality critical to your Magento store operation, so we are working with a new release - Magento Community Edition which will be discharged for the end of next week.

Some issues are reported and Magento has pay attention to as:

  • Search results return all store products
  • Some integrations using Magento APIs no longer work
  • Bundled product prices do not update
  • Store-specific attribute labels disappear
  • Auto generated passwords do not work for some customers
  • Exceptions appear for stores with disabled breadcrumbs
  • Free shipping sales rules are not calculated correctly
  • PHP warnings occur with the session timestamp variable

Waiting for upgrading to Community Edition 1.9.3 is an advised solution now to avoid unfortunate problems when using and trying applying SUPEE-8788 - the latest security patch not having these issues.

If your upgrade is available, the issues are tested and you are anxious to for waiting the new release, you can try a module can resolves the issues outlined above created by Magento Community at Although this module has not been tested, it is a well temporary solution for you. However, removing the community module and upgrading to Enterprise Edition should be performed as soon as possible.

--> Magento Community Edition Is Now Available