Learn how to create and send newsletter to the customers in your Magento Store

To attract more customers to your online store, sometimes you create new promotions and discounts. However, your customers may not know about this information to come to get products in your store. In this case, you should apply the Magento functionality which helps you inform newsletter to your clients who are subscribed by sending message. In this post, we will cover all steps to achieve this manipulation.

First, you need to enable the option for your customers to confirm that they allow you to send them newsletter. This step is very important because it ensures that your newsletter doesn’t annoy them. If your customers feel annoyed with your messages, it will influence negatively to your business in the future.

To do this step, you just need to go through Magento Admin Area→ System→ Configuration→ Customers→ Newsletter→ Need to Confirm→ Yes

Your customers can have ability to accept to receive the inform email or not. The administrator can define the Unsubscription Email Sender and the Unsubscription Email Template through the corresponding drop-down menus. The same is valid for the newsletter's success and the confirmation e-mail senders and templates. You can use one and the same or you can customize them per your needs.

And then tap on Save Config

Next, go to Magento Admin Area→ Newsletter→ Newsletter Templates→ Add New Template

And then you add template name, the subject of the newsletter, the sender’s name and email and the newsletter template’s text. After finishing entering in all subjects, press on Save Template. (You can edit the corresponding list after)

In case you will send email to a large amount of recipients, you should divide them into small groups. To do that by going to Magento Admin Area -> Newsletter -> Newsletter Templates-> Action -> Queue Newsletter and then specify when the newsletter will be sent in the Queue Date Start filed. The messages will leave the email server in small batches. After finishing checking all other options, tap Save Newsletter

Besides, there are some other manipulations that help you work effectively:

  • Monitor the newsletter queue progress: go to Magento Admin Area→ Newsletter→ Newsletters Queue
  • View the list of customers subscribed for the newsletter: go to Magento Admin Area→ Newsletter→ newsletter Subscribers. You are able to unsubscribe them.
  • Show off the errors which have occurred during the newsletter sending: Magento Admin Area→ Newsletter→ Newsletter Problem Reports. After seeing the errors, you should solve them.

That’s all we want to share you about informing newsletter to your customers by sending email. We believe that this tutorial help you a lot in attracting customers to your Magento store as well as raise the level of service of your store. By this way, you will not ignore any customers.

Hope that you find this post is useful for your e-commerce store. If you need more helpful post, please follow our website.

Thanks for reading!

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