How to use Magento 2 Content Management System (CMS)?

Magento 2 CMS helps create new pages, blocks, widgets for your Magento store or create custom static pages which display parts of your catalog or other useful customer information pages. In this post, we guide you the way to use Mageto 2 CMS in detail to help you work with it effectively.

Add a new page

At first, you need to login to your admin area and then navigate to the Content Pages section

Next, tap on Add New Page button

After that, name the page and set a custom URL for this new page. Moreover, you can choose on which store it can be viewed and set its status enabled or disabled

Then, click Save Page

Finally, add this new page on any other by using a new link widget.

Remember to save and refresh the page cache if necessary

Add a new block

You can use Block to separate different categories.

To create Block you just need to follow guide below:

First, navigate to Content Blocks Add New Block and fill all fields

You need to pay attention to the identifier element and remember it because you need it later for implementing this block into a page via the code of page

And then, tap on Save Block

Add a new Widget

Follow the guide below:

First, go to Content→ Widgets→ Add Widget

Next, choose the type of widget theme for it and then click Continue button

After that, set Title, Store View for the new widget. The Type and Theme are locked and grayed out when editing

That all things when using Magento 2 CMS. Hope that you find it helpful. If you need more tutorials for your Magento store, you can visit our blog to consult it.

Thanks for reading!

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