How to setup CyberSource payment for Magento 2?

CyberSource is one of the first companies in online payment. Now, CyberSource becomes more and more popular so setup this payment for Magento 2 will help your customers achieve payment easily and conveniently.

The steps to setup CyberSource payment for Magento 2

Step 1: Get the CyberSource credentials

Step 2: Enable CyberSource

  • Enable: set Yes
  • Accept Default Payment action of “Authorized Only” to approve the purchase and puts a hold on the funds which will not withdraw from the bank account of customer till they make the next purchase.
  • Fill in a title in Title box to identify CyberSource when checking

Step 3: Fill in your CyberSource credentials

You need to enter all credentials below from your CyberSource account:

  • Profile ID
  • Merchant ID
  • Transaction Key
  • Access Key
  • Secret Key

Step 4: Fill in payment information

  • Choose Processing or suspected Fraud status setting for New Order Status
  • Test Mode: set to Yes to test CyberSource before put it live
  • After that, set Test Mode to No
  • Debug: set to Yes
  • Set Credit Card Types for the payment you accepted. If you want to select multiple credit card, you can press the Ctrl key then click the option you want

Step 5: Fill in remaining information

  • Choose All Allowed Countries or Specific Countries for Payment from Applicable Countries. If you choose Specific Countries option, press Ctrl key then choose the countries you accept payment.
  • Insert a number for Minimum Order Total box and Maximum Order Total box to limit the total amount for the order
  • Enter a number in Sort Order box to determine the sequence where CyberSource appears when listed with other payment methods during checkout
  • Click Save Config

Done! Hope you guys can perform all steps without any difficulty. If you have any question, plz share us via email.

Thanks for reading!