How to make Magento 2 faster?

Sometimes, your Magento 2 becomes slow and you don’t know the reason. Let’s take a look at some reasons causing your Magento 2 working slowly.

  1. It is in developer mode with CSS/JS merge/bundle/minify enabled.
  2. It is running on slow hardware.
  3. Some 3rd party extension breaks performance.
  4. SSD not used.
  5. Full page cache and other caches are turned off.

Now, we will go through the ways to fix these problems above.

1. Disable CSS & JS merge/ bundle/ minify

  • Navigate to Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > javaScript Settings and CSS Settings
  • Set Enable javaScript Bundling, Merge javaScript Files, Minify javaScript, Merge CSS Files into No

2. Move to PHP 7

Moving your Magento 2 to PHP 7 will decrease the performance in your website to 25%

3. Allocate enough server resources

Magento 2 system requires a powerful hardware so ensure that you allocate 2GB of RAM to M2 in minimum, SSD disk, and a good VPS cheap.

4. Audit your 3rd party extensions

Some plugins and modules in Magento 2 can slow down the performance in your store. You should try disabling the plugins you installed then see whether they affect your Magento website.

5. Power the server hardware

If you find your hosting plan is not suitable for Magento 2, you should sign up for a better hosting and allow more CPU/RAM power

6. Turn on full page cache

  • Go to System > Cache Management then turn it on

Hope through the guidance in this article can help you improve the speed of your Magento 2 website.