How to integrate PayPal into Magento 2 store?

PayPal is one of the most famous and professional payment service companies for online business. Integrating PayPal into your Magento 2 store will give your customers more convenience when purchasing in your store. With PayPal setup in your store, payment will become simpler and easier.

Before integrate PayPal for your Magento 2 store, you need to create a PayPal business account. You can choose 1 in 3 plans such as PayPal Payments Advanced, PayPal Payment Pro or PayPal Payment Standard based on your demand.

After owning a PayPal account, let’s start integrate into your Magento 2 store!

Step 1: Work with PayPal

  • In PayPal business account, go to Service Settings > Hosted Checkout Pages > Set Up Menu
  • Then set:
    • AVS: No
    • CSC: No
    • Enable Secure: Yes
  • Click Save
  • Press Customize button on the top of page and then use Layout C to customize the layout
  • Tap Save and publish
  • Sign up a new account for your current account for more security

Step 2: Configure in Magento back-end

  • Go to Magento Admin Panel > Store > Setting > Configuration > Sale > Payment method
  • In Merchant Country box, enter the country your store is located in
  • Expand PayPal All-in-one payment Solution section
  • Click to Configure button if you want to enable PayPal payment is a correct payment method in your store.
  • After that, you will see 3 menus which you need to configure:
    1. Require PayPal Setting

      • Complete all the boxes such as Email Associated with PayPal Merchant Account (optional), Partner, Vendor, User, Password, Text Mode, and Use Proxy.
    1. Basic Settings – PayPal Payments Advanced

      • In Title box, you can choose Credit or Debit card for PayPal checkout
      • In Sort Order, you can set the order for the payment method when customer check out
      • In Payment Action, you can have 2 options:
        • Authorization: agree with the order and receive money by agreeing manually in the backend
        • Sale: get money from clients account automatically
    2. Advanced settings - PayPal Payments Advanced

      • At the bottom of the Basic Settings section, click to expand the Advanced Settings Then, complete the following as needed for your store:
      • ClickSave to apply.
    1. Basic Settings – PayPal Express Checkout

      • In Title: enter the payment method to checkout
      • In Sort Order: enter a number to determine the sequence in which Express Checkout appears when listed with the other methods
      • In Set Payment Action: choose Authorization or Sale
      • In Display on product Details Page: Yes
    2. Advanced Settings - PayPal Express Checkout

      • In Display on Shopping Cart: Yes
      • Set Payment Applicable From to one of the following:
        All Allowed Countries
      • Accepts payment from thecountries already specified in your configuration.
      • Specific Countries
      • Accepts payments from only the countries you specify. Hold the Ctrlkey down and in the Payment Applicable From the list, click each country where you accept payment.
      • In Debug Mode: Yes
      • In Enable SSL Verification: Yes
      • In Transfer Cart Line Items: Yes
      • In Skip Order Review Step: Yes
      • Tap Save

Done! Hope you guys can follow without any problems.

Thanks for reading!