How to install theme in Magento 2?

Installing theme for your Magento website is a necessary task in case you don’t want to apply default theme for your store. A beautiful theme will make your store more attractive and professional. This post contains the way to install a new theme for Magento 2.

Step 1: Choose a theme and install

You can find Magento 2 themes vendor through Google then choose a theme you like and install it on your server.

Step 2: Setup new theme

  • Go to Admin Panel> Stores> Settings> Configuration
  • Under General in the panel in the left, choose Design
  • Open Theme section
  • Choose the new theme as you ant in the Design Theme
  • Tap Save Config

That’s end of installing new theme for Magento 2 store. This tutorial is quite simple so hope that all of you can perform it.

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Thanks for reading!