How to embed a YouTube video to your Magento page?

Add a video into your page is an interesting way to show customers about your products without boring text. Besides adding your own video into your page, you also can embed an available video on YouTube to your page. In this post, we will guide you the way to placing a video directly on to your page without any type of HTML.

  1. Access to YouTube, find the video you want to include in your page and copy its URL
  2. Login your Magento CMS admin area, redirect to the page you want to embed video, and then click on the page name to enter the page editor
  3. Tap Content to display HTML view of your content
  4. Click to Show/Hide Editor to switch the visual version of your content
  5. Place the tracker in the space that you want the video appear
  6. Tap Insert/Edit Media, you will see a new window to appear
  7. Paste the URL of the video in the File/URL box. You will see a preview of the video underneath if you do correctly
  8. Tap Insert
  9. Save your change

That’s all you need to do for an embedded YouTube video on your Magento page. We think this tutorial is quite necessary for all store. Hope that all of your can do this without any difficulty.

Thanks for reading!