How to create product page that convert

As you know, the product page plays an essential role in eCommerce website. You have to develop product pages in a right way in order to decrease the abandon rate as well as boost sales. Thus, you need to follow these guidelines to create product pages that convert to outperform your competitors.

  1. Titles: It is noted that a product title needs to be descriptive and concise. It should include a focus keyword that differentiates it from other similar products.
  2. Descriptions: Your product description should play an important part to inform, assure, and motivate your prospect to become a customer. However, in the description part, you should mention all features and advantages of the product. Besides, other information such as shipping, price, size, color are also included in this section.
  3. Images: Images are the first thing we focus on when we view a product page. Your product pictures must be professionally shot, crisp, clear, large and, hopefully, show your product in action.
  4. Call-to-action (CTA) buttons: Your “add to cart” and “proceed to checkout” buttons need to be clear and consistent on all of your product pages. Your CTA buttons can boost your sales, so they should be prominently displayed, in a bright color like green or red, and placed either below or to the right of the product’s image.
  5. Prices: As can be seen in the description part, all information related to prices should be displayed obviously. Like the call-to-action button, the product’s price should be placed to the right and possibly below the product’s image. Using a large font size, bold formatting, and a different color than the description are some effective ways to make the price stand out on the page.
  6. Load time: Your product pages must load quickly, maximum 3 seconds. Slow load time lead to a prospect’s impatience. The most effective way to make the smallest load time is making pages as clean and simple as possible, featuring only the most essential browsing elements.
  7. Videos: Including videos of your products in action can help your sales soar. You can show some images about product, demonstrate its features and benefits, offer tips for getting the most out of it, and answer common questions.
  8. Daily deals: Promotion programs affect strongly customers. Featuring daily deals is a great way to create urgency around purchasing a product. Keep updating deals at regular intervals so customers get into the habit of visiting your online store on a regular basis to discover new deals.

In short, building your own business requires much effort from smallest things. However, no matter how hard the work is. We provided some effective tips for you to create relevant product pages. You should spend time to consider carefully those guidelines.

Other helpful guides will be implemented in the subsequent posts. We are looking forward to receiving all feedbacks as well as queries. Don't forget to share us your ideas or leave your comments!