How to configure Returns in Magento 2?

Configuring Returns allows store owners to manage the returned products and amount of product in stores easily and time-saving. In this post, we will show you a simple way to configure Returns for your Mageno 2 store.

The steps to configure Returns in Magento 2

  1. Admin Panel > Stores > Settings > Configuration
  2. Under Sales on the left panel, click Sales
  3. Expand RMA Settings then:
    • Enable RMA on Storefront: set to Yes
    • Enable RMA on Product Level: set to Yes
    • Use Store Address: set to Yes if you want to have returned products sent to the store address or set to No then add an alternate address for returned products to be sent.
  4. Tap Save Config

That’s all. This tutorial is so simple we think that all of you can follow easily.

Thanks for reading!