How to add Coupons to a e-commerce shop in Magento 2?

When you run a promotion campaign in your site, you need add the coupon codes and set the terms and conditions. This coupon will attract and motivate customers make purchases in your store. Magento store owners can create coupon codes and set the terms and conditions easily. And the Magento 2 update makes it easier to create coupon codes for your campaign.

Coupon codes will be used in the discount price and with specific pre-set rules and conditions. A coupon code can be generated for group of customers, or for specific customers or anyone else based on your setting.. The coupons can be sent to customers through email or Magento store owners can create in-store coupons for mobile users.

You can add coupons for your Magento 2 store from Admin Panel.

Step 1: Admin Panel> Promotions> Shopping Cart> Promotional Rules

This page will display all shopping cart promotional price rules you have added

Step 2: Add a new rules

Tap Add New Rule button to open the Add New Rule page and then fill in following fields:

  • Rule Name: name to identify and describe it
  • Description: details to specific its purpose
  • Status: Active/ Inactive to apply/ not apply
  • Customer Groups: select General and Not Logged in to cover visitors and register user visiting front-end
  • Coupon: select specific coupon from the drop down and add your unique coupon code in the field below it. You can also set Uses per Coupon and Uses per Customer to limit the usage of coupon by registered users
  • From Date/ To Date: if you just run the promotional campaign in a period of time, you need to set date
  • Priority: if you set more than one rule for the coupon, it will work according to the priority rule you set in this field

Step 3: Add the conditions

  • Navigate to Condition tab
  • There are 3 options for you to choose:
  • Apply condition for all products: leave this section
  • Add new condition: tap + icon
  • Choose required conditions: you can choose the required conditions from the drop down menu. Then you need click on the dots to add value of the condition

Step 4: Configure the action

  • Navigate to Action menu
  • In Apply field, choose whether the rule will apply a flat discount rate or a percentage of product price discount
  • Tap Save

Once you complete all 4 steps above, you create a coupon for your Magento 2 store. This tutorial is quite important for each store owners because you will use it in each promotional campaign.

Hope that this tutorial is helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

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