How Price Rules Work in Magento?

Many Magento users have questioned that how the price rules and the promotion work in Magento. This topic seems anonymous for Magento users, so in this post we will show in detail all the functionalities of 2 issues in Magento such as Shopping Cart and Catalog Price Rules.

Shopping Cart Price Rules

The most effective way to reward customer is adding a discount to the shopping cart. This can be accomplished when customers meet the condition you set before for the discount of product or easier by getting the customers to add a code from the cart page. You can totally do this action as administrator by navigating Promotions Shopping Cart Price Rules

There are 5 sections in Shopping cart rules such as:

  1. Rule Information

In includes the basic information on rule which you are creating. The Rule Name and Description you set will be used to inform other administrators what your rule intends to do. You should write at least one sentence for description in order to keep your admin from walking through the rule logic trying to understand what is going on.

  1. Conditions

It is the first of two logic tabs for the price rule. It let the administrator write conditions which decide if the rule will be applied. And product attributes, product sub-sets, cart attributes, customer segmentation or any combination will decide which rules can be applied.

  1. Actions

It is the second tab of two logic tabs for the price rule. It is divided into 2 sections like where the actual price discount information is entered and which products in the cart are given the discount based on described in section one.

  1. Labels

This issue is very for Price Rule functionality but it is really easy to understand. The text you enter in this section will be seen by customers on the cart page when discount is applied. And this will guide the customers what the rule is doing.

  1. Related banners

It is used for users who use Magento Enterprise Edition. It allows customers to choose previously created banners and then associate them to the current price rule. This is combined with some modification to your store’s theme gives you an entire new level of dynamic, targeted content for your customers.

Catalog Price Rules

Many users may be reeling from overloading the information by the Shopping Cart Price Rules. Luckily, the Catalog Price Rules is nearly similar to the cart rules. The only difference is that when the rules are saved, they actually need to be applied to the catalog to take effect. You can manage it by navigate to Promotions Catalog Price Rules.

Besides, you need to notice that there is no label when catalog price is changed if you creating a Catalog rule.

In addition, a new functionality resides in the Actions tab. Administrator is allowed to apply discount to subproducts. There are two options:

  • “Yes”: a new field appears and it allows administrator add more discount for the child price
  • “No”: only the parent price has discount

That’s all about the working mechanism of price rules and promotions in Magento store. We hope that after reading this post, you will have deep view of these objects. Don’t forget to visit our blog to consult more useful post.

Thanks for reading!

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