Have you known Xcelerate Technology Partner Program?

With long period of history as well as experience combining with partner, Magento gives more and more technology to its customers to work with their partner. New improvement of Magento helps users’ leading-edge capabilities to stimulate their e-commerce business.

In recent days, Magento release a new partner program for-Xcelerate Technology Partner Program which owns outstanding features. Now, let’s determine their features.

Technology partner program is evolving

By refining and arranging the partner program in group with same characteristics, you can serve your customers better. It also makes sharing ideas, raising opportunities and driving success effectively.

The merchant experience will be increased

Now you can select from curate and vetted technologies. As a result, your security, confidence, and e-commerce capabilities will be improved lots. Besides, you can implement more easily thanks to greater choice and flexibility.

Reconfigure the technology partnerships

Xcelerate is quite close with Magento users. This program shows the heat of technology partner involvement like:

  • Registered partners

Marketplace partner extensions vetted for quality, for user’s confidence and security

  • Select partners

Top-tier partner technologies within strategy categories, for user’s flexibility and growth

  • Premier partners

It is the best partner technology, deeply integrated with Magento for user the ease of implementation and choice. Magento premier Partners are just invitation only. It is one of the top of quality technology and active participation in Magento community and broader ecosystem

The success now aligns with users

To improve your substantial investment in the new program, particularly in marketplace and the extension quality program, Magento has established revenue sharing. Moreover, you will create the best experience and sharing innovation from the ecosystem faster and further.

Existing partner contracts will be honored

Current contracts will be honored. Partners can wait until their renewal or upgrade immediately. Besides, businessmen will be helped determined the partnership the heat that best fits their goals and objectives. And all partners must pass the technology and business review without exceptions

This program is really impressive with awesome features which help Magento users empower their technology partners to serve their customers better. However, you will meet some difficulties at first when changing. But this changing will create a new way for big success for your business.

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