Gain competitive edge for B2B companies with Magento B2B Resource Hub

The B2B industry has been developing quickly and brought multiple changes for businessman in e-commerce. Recently, a new content center – Magento B2B Resource Hub was designed to provide the industry insights, tactics and strategies. It will be a resource center in order to make plan, implement and maintain your transformation project.

Nowadays, the demand of moving to digital is very high so almost entrepreneurs focus on making the transition to digital. At first, it may be quite complex when moving your sales team online, back system integrations as well as managing a new digital frontier but if you have a suitable resource, everything will become easier and easier.

With Magento B2B resource Hub, you can find tools, events, content which are helpful for your B2B business in the current competitive market now.

You can find some things when visit Magento B2B Resource Hub:

  • Knowledge about how the B2B commerce landscape is evolving
  • The way to reduce cost of service for improved profitability
  • Expert advice on getting your digital transformation started
  • Information on how to streamline the customer buying experience
  • Tips for staying competitive and driving B2B growth
  • B2B industry benchmark reports for comparison

If you are running a B2B company, it is really useful to refer to this hub.