Find fastest answers with Magento Knowledge Base extension

When customers go shopping, they often have problems with products on your store such as product category, product’s features, product’s usage and so on. Besides, there are many customers asking repeated questions in a day and your store wastes time to answer those questions. A question is asked is that how your store can answer all problems above that makes customers satisfied and willing to purchase your product.  To solve this, according to an analyst, each store needs to create a general Knowledge Base which customers can easily find product information as well as storeowner can provide and manage information effectively.

In September, 2015 our Website development company offered a powerful extension - Magento Knowledge Base which allows you to collect, organize and systematize the information on products, terms and conditions of work, possible problems solving etc, in one place and put them to use straight away. To customers, they can easily and quickly find answers to most commonly asked questions as well as ask multiple questions and get answered they require.

This extension creates a useful and general data, which improves service and saves time for both customers and your site. In short, this extension is a good choice for your site to improve the interaction with customers. If you have interest in our extension, you can see more details at, our customer service supporting team will help you.

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