Delivery Time: The choice of the customers

As you know, no limitation of time and space is essential strengths of online shopping. It means that Online shoppers are now free to go shopping wherever they are and whenever they want. However, it is not doubtful that delivery is always a major concern to numerous customers. They are not always available to receive delivered products. Thus, multiple delivery options are the most optimal for all customers now.

Let's allow your customers to choose delivery time easily by Advanced Delivery Date.

1. Flexibility in delivery time options

Unlike traditional online shopping, when customers purchase products, they just know that after several days their products will be shipped. Nonetheless, they really do not know the delivery time accurately. With Magento Delivery Date, it is proactively for customers in choosing the most relevant delivery time.

Time slots can be easily set up by admin, and delivery off dates are also set up. These off dates will not be available for customers to select.

It does not only stop at choosing delivery slot but the module also enables customers to give comment for delivery. It could be notices about address, products handling,
With these above setups, it is convenient for both customers and store owners.

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2. Management number of orders per slot easily

The management of delivery is so vital whether you have in-house delivery staffs or outsourced delivery service providers. If you do not have appropriate management methods, the number of orders per slot would be overloaded, then the quality of services is definitely affected. With Magento Delivery Date extension, you can limit the number of orders per time slot. This is very helpful to ensure that everything is in well control without any minor error.

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3. Delay time to delivery

It is obvious that we can’t deliver immediately after too short period of time. Therefore, Magento Delivery Date extension allows admin to set delay time to delivery.
For example:
When admin inserts 24, the current time is 02:00pm, 2015/02/10, then only slots after 24 hours since the current time (02:00 pm) will be activated at Front-end. All earlier slots are disabled and customers can not choose.

Magento-delivery-time (4)Allow your customers to choose Delivery Time Now!