Delete orders quickly and easily from website backend

In Magento store, when you are testing a new shop or a payment module, often it is needed to make a lots test orders. But nobody likes to give all this test orders to a client, so you need a solution to remove all test orders.

Unfortunately, there is no way in Magento to delete those test orders in Magento store. You can only process these orders and set their status as “Cancelled” but you cannot really delete those test orders from your store and it is so inconvenient.  How to deal with this situation is a popular problem to most of merchants and developers.

Don’t worry about it, our Magento development company has released a new extension - Magento Delete Orders which allows you to remove orders on your site. Besides, this extension provides three useful options for you as follow: option to delete any order from the order list page, option to delete any order from the order page and option to delete mass order from the order list page. With the support of Magento Delete Orders extension, you completely clean up the clutter with just one click.

Therefore, if you are finding a solution for your store, our extension is a perfect tool to remove quickly and easily orders from website backend. See more details at: