Creating Bundle Product in Magento 2

Bundle Product contains simple and separate products in a group with several product options. Creating Bundle Product in Magento 2 helps store owners show customers customizable products easily. Store owners can get multiple benefits when creating a Bundle product in their Magento 2 store.

Let’s follow the guideline below to create Bundle Product for your Magento 2 store.

Step 1: Choose the Product Type

  • Admin side bar> Products> Inventory> Catalog
  • Choose Bundle Product in Add Product menu

Step 2: Select the Product Template

There are 2 ways for choosing the product template so you can apply any one you like.

Option 1:

Fill needed template name in Search box

Option 2:

Choose one template you want in the list

Step 3: Enter the Require Fields

  • Product Detail> Name, then fill out the name
  • In SKU box, enter the SKU for your product unless you will use the default one. Then set the type of value to Dynamic or Fixed
  • In Price section:
  • Select Dynamic and leave Price box blank if you want to customize the price based on options selected
  • Select Fixed and fill out Price box a cost if you want to set price for the bundle
  • In Product Online, tap Off
  • Tap Save

Step 4: Enter the Remaining Product Details

  • Add image for product group:

Option 1: In Images and Videos box, drag and drop an image from your desktop on Camera tile

Option 2: In Images and Videos box, tap on Camera title then insert an image you want

  • Set Weight:
  • Select Dynamic and leave Weight box blank if you want to customize the price based on options selected
  • Select Fixed and fill out number of weight if you want to set product weight
  • Assign product to a category

In Search box, type the name of category you want and select

  • In Description, type the description for your product then tap Submit

Step 5: Add the Bundle Items

  • Bundle Items> Ship Bundle Items then choose Separately or Together
  • In Create New Option:
  • Fill Option Title, set Input Type and mark Required checkbox
  • Tap on Add Products to Option then tick the checkbox of products you want to add in this option.
  • Choose a default selection
  • In Default Quantity, fill in the quantity for items in the bundle when customers choose them
  • Tap Save


If you want to remove any item, tap Delete icon

Step 6: Generate the Product

  • In Product Online, switch On
  • Choose Save and Close in Save drop-down

Step 7: View the Product

  • Admin panel> Customer View

That’s all the way to create Bundle Product in Magento 2. Hope all of you can do it by yourself successfully.

Thanks for reading!