Awesome way to increase Ecommerce Revenue: Enhance Delivery Capabilities

The awesome way mentioned in the title is enhancing delivery, which causes increasing Ecommerce Revenue. Basing on an online survey of Forrester in 2013 in the UK, France and Germany to enhance delivery capacities, we will introduce you several major findings about Ecommerce Delivery.

It is so difficult to get an online order, which is a significant challenge to retailers. Online sellers are realizing that the fulfillment on customer satisfaction and repeated purchase play an important role, however the responsibility of fulfillment is of the carriers.

In fact, in order to provide a multiple delivery options to allow customers to choose among a selection of delivery options based on their specific purchase, retailers must work with a wide range of carriers.

Therefore, basing on an online survey of Forrester in 2013 in the UK, France and Germany to enhance delivery capacities, we will introduce you several major findings about Ecommerce Delivery.

1. Flexibility of delivery options increases repeated customers

Retailers in three investigated markets (the UK, France and Germany), especially in the UK, recognize that multiple and flexible delivery options increase customer satisfaction. Cost, speed, and convenience play an essential role in boosting revenue, whether through repeated purchase, increased basket size, or increased customer lifetime value.

Magento-Bost-Ecommerce-Revenue (2)“It all comes back to convenience and allowing customers to choose their ideal method to receive or retrieve merchandise.” — European director of digital marketing, multichannel retailer, Germany

Magento-Bost-Ecommerce-Revenue (3)2. Measuring customer satisfaction is a key to monitor fulfillment

To monitor the fulfillment operations, retailers often evaluated by the customer satisfaction.

Retailers across France, Germany, and the UK: Regularly monitor the impact of the delivery experience on key customer metrics.

Magento-Bost-Ecommerce-Revenue (4)Use customer satisfaction as a top success metric for delivery operations.

Magento-Bost-Ecommerce-Revenue (5)

3. Rising Customer Expectations Demand Enhanced Delivery Capabilities

Customer expectations are changing. They predict:

› Today’s express delivery will be tomorrow’s standard. Retailers across the board anticipate that customer expectations of faster delivery will only increase.

“Everything will go down to next-day delivery. . . . That will become the standard option rather than the express or paid-for option.” — European logistics manager, UK-based multichannel retailer

>Flexible delivery options are required to respond changing customer expectations. As consumers are increasingly connected through multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets, they have heightened expectations of their experience and ability to access information and services whenever they want. Consumers will expect retailers to provide them multiple delivery options to choose from to serve their demand for a particular purchase at a specific time.

> Investment in delivery capabilities is forecasted to increase. It is not surprised that the majority of retailers surveyed expect the investment in delivery capabilities to increase or significantly increase in the next two years.

4. Retailers tend to work with multiple carriers

Retailers measure the impact of delivery options on customer metrics. They find that the flexibility of offering multiple delivery capabilities improves key customer metrics, including retention. Nonetheless, the majority of retailers face the challenge of working with multiple carriers to provide this increased flexibility through multiple delivery options.

Magento-Bost-Ecommerce-Revenue (6) We hope that with above key findings you will know what should be done to improve delivery capabilities.

Source: Forrester