A comparison between Magento 2 CE and Magento 2 EE

Once deciding to choose Magento as platform to develop your online store, you should have general knowledge about 2 editions Magento supports businessmen, Community and Enterprise because each edition has different facts and is suitable for different purposes of enterprises. Therefore, in this post, we will give you a comparison between these two editions of Magento 2 to help you clear more them and choose a pertinent one for your business.

The similarities

  • Allow selling products online in style
  • Support working perfectly with third-party and handcrafted modules
  • Offers hundreds of extensions

The differences


Sellers can run their store free on Magento CE but for EE version, they have to pay for a big amount of money at first.


For Magento 2 EE, it supports a wide range of benefits for your online stores like various payment methods, handling a lot of technical routine activities, time-saving for store owners. Therefore, this version is a choice for the big size business.

Some of the additional features of EE version compared with CE one:

  • Allow store owners to personalize and segment shopping experiences of customers, and offers specific shoppers with special content, promotions or prices.
  • Support ability to determine up-sells products, cross-sells product, and more.
  • Allow store owners to create schedule and preview a huge amount of updates content.
  • Allow store owners to use advanced sorting functionality in order to optimize customizable product category pages
  • Fast and powerful SEO.
  • Support great and responsive themes which are compatible for all devices.
  • Provide 24/7 customer services

For Magento 2 CE, it provides a friendly interface, simple setting, easy to work with and easy to implement your own design. This version is pretty for beginner to e-commerce.


Although the store running on both 2 versions can work with all extensions but there are more advanced supports and additional features for extensions that running on EE version.

From the factors above, you should see your conditions like capital, technology, knowledge, and needed functionality for store to decide which one is suitable for you.

Hope you choose a great version for your business.

Thanks for reading!