4 ideas to increase customer spend on your Magento website

Almost owners of an e-commerce website would like to increase their website’s turnover. If you are a owner of a Magento e-commerce website and are finding a some ideas for increasing your existing customers’ spend with you, let’s see some suggested ones below.

Set your free delivery carefully

You should consider about set free shipping for orders over a certain amount. If you apply this strategy, you can entice customers to add more items to their orders in order to fit the certain amount for free delivery. In fact, this way is always effective in boosting your sales. But don’t raise too high amount unless you will put customers off.

Create a loyalty points system

If in a long period of time your average order in your store does not change, you should introduce a loyalty points reward project for your store. These points can be saved after each purchase in your store and customers will use these points as discount for next purchases when they gain enough required amount. It means if customers buy more, they will get more. This strategy may motivate customers purchase more as well as keep customers back to your store for next purchase. And Magento give store owners ability to launch this rewarding points system very easily with many of extensions.

Offer a free sample

Customer’s psychology is that they always want bonus when purchasing. Thus, giving customers a free sample may tempt them to buy more products. However, you need to consider carefully about the free sample sending customers. They must appeal to customers effectively.

Email your customers to remind them

This tips always brings great results because it decrease the abandoned carts significantly. Magento supports the extensions can help store owners send emails to customers efficiently. But you have to be careful with the frequency of the reminding email because the over frequent email may become spam.

Here are some of significant tips used popularly in Magento websites brings multiple positive results for store owners. To see more tips for Magento website, please go to our website.