10 things you should consider before choosing Magento Developer

It is not easy to build and run a commercial website smoothly regardless how much experience you have so hiring developers is one of the most important things that entrepreneurs need to do when starting their business. The developers are assistants who will make your dream website come true. However, finding the suitable developers for your website is not an easy work as you have to base on many different factors. In particular, Magento is one of the most popular common combinations proposed for retailers, so the help of the developer is really important for a successful website.

In this article, we will show you some of the criteria you need to consider for choosing a developer for your Magento website.

  1. See certifications of the developers

Your first questions should apply to the Magento developer’s certificate and experience. However, you need to ensure that you are familiar with the current certification requirements to know exactly what skills a developer need for your website.

Magento provides some classes of certificates, such as the Magento Solution Specialist. This platform is updated rapidly so you should give priority to developers with recently earned certification because they will be up-to-date with new technology.

  1. Ask what they did in the past

Ask developers about their project and experience in the past and live projects are the great way to recognize the skills of developers. By this way, you will have an exact view of what you can get with developers and get some ideas for your future projects.

  1. Easy and effective in communication

The effective community is one of the main keys for a successful and smooth project, therefore, ensure that you tell them kind of communication you expect at the first meeting of the project. And you need to keep updating information about your project regularly.

  1. Time to develop

A good web development project needs to be based on strict time and deadline. You must know clearly that the developer's Magento will deal with this request and what they will do when any unexpected things happen. A reputable developer will give you a timeline when your project is scheduled to be completed.

During this timeline, there are many unexpected things happening but you can still follow the process of the project and recognize the skills and of your developers. A professional developer will know how to solve sudden problems effectively.

  1. Invoice

Ask the developer the way to pay for them as for some project, they charge on an hourly basis but for the others, they give a fixed price. But most developers prefer hourly billing method. Moreover, it is necessary to know how often the developers will invoice you what bill you need to pay for. In case the developer's bill in a quarter-hour, half-hour or hourly increments, you must ask them clearly.

  1. Additional fees

For some specific situation, you have to pay additional fees. And for early canceled projects, you will be charged the terminal fee. Therefore clarify this issue before choosing a developer.

  1. Design the website and meet

Your website may be developed with Magento theme. This is a normal thing but it is better if the developers can produce custom-designed content blocks because your website will be more reputable and recognized.

Another important point is the response. Today, a significant portion of internet traffic comes from smartphones. If your site is not compatible with this device, you will likely lose potential customers. So, make sure your website supports responsive design and is mobile-friendly.

  1. back-end editing

When your e-commerce store has operated, you will need to maintain it. This means you need to add and delete items, photos, text descriptions, banners and more. This type of reverse editing should be simple and intuitive as it can help you save time in both short term and long term. In case you have not known about this kind of back-end editing yet, you can ask your developers.

  1. SEO

SEO is the first thing you have to concern after creating a website. No matter how great your website is, customers cannot find it if SEO rank in your web is low. Discuss with your developer about SEO fundamentals and focus on getting high rank on the search engine for your site. You may also pay more for your developers to concern more on SEO but only when they show you the concrete results.

  1. Ongoing support and maintenance

Regarding for how easy your end-user’s e-commerce editor is, the unexpected mistakes may happen suddenly. Thus, you need to ask for maintenance after developing including supporting handling errors and other technical issues that often occur before your e-commerce site is operational. Magento is a quite complex platform, and whenever appearing errors, your visitors will notice, so it is in need to be solved these issues quickly.

That’s some things you should ask to choose developers for your Magento store. However, you should base on your goals and campaign to hire suitable developers.